The best moves for each brand

Action is Ottosunove’s unit dedicated to the design of in-store communication actions and operations that can improve the contact/connection with consumers right at the point of sale, thus motivating them to the actual purchase.
We design and organize product promotion days, consulting days, point-of-purchase displays and exhibition set-ups; we coach brand ambassadors appointed to training salespeople and to managing the relationship with the distribution.

From our remarkably active “headquarters” we devise and coordinate an exclusive network of specialized professionals operating throughout Italy: in-store consultants, trade assistants, promoters and merchandisers with specific competencies in different markets and experienced in purchase motivation, also by virtue of our in-house research on decision-making processes.

Look closely…

In-Pharmacy promoters

What our clients look for

Consultancy and promotion days in pharmacies take place in order to support the sales cycle, right at the time when the consumer actually makes choices. The fact of being actively present on the points of sale acts upon brand awareness and product sell-out. Relying on those who manage the entire promotion cycle allows the company to better focus on strategic objectives. What’s more, neuromarketing adds a scientific intelligence of the buying behaviours that translates into effective and brain-friendly sales scripts.

A single person in charge for each project

Ottosunove’s Project Managers attend directly to each stage of the process, and plan all activities with care and a continuous communication flow with the network of consultants operating in the territory. The ongoing exchange of information with the field allows us to be always updated on the projects’ progress, to promptly manage every aspect of their development and to gather quantitative and qualitative data in real time.

The human side of our work: direct, selected and loyal resources

The selection of resources takes place directly, without intermediaries, within a few kilometers radius from the activity site and based on the previous performances recorded in our databases. The training of our collaborators can take place in person or remotely, through an e-learning platform with training contents tailored to each project and assessment tests at the end of each module.
Logistics management is also part of our whole-round offer; we follow people and materials daily in a direct way with support phone calls, in order to create a solid relationship with each collaborator, and offer our clients the quality of a workflow made of competencies, great care and immediacy.

Analysis and data

We have access to – and offer our clients – real-time visibility on the promotions progress. Our system enables constantly updated reporting and the building of forecast models, valuable for the identification of strategic insights.

We do all this (and much more) for:

Promoter for consumer electronics

What our clients look for

Specialist expertise in the consumer electronics branch is essential for the success of a promotional activity. The challenge is to clearly convey the technical characteristics of the products through arguments that also manage to involve, excite and reassure. This is why it is crucial to have built over time a network of dedicated resources, well trained and equipped with a strong experience in the field.

How we operate

We build solid projects to enable our clients to run in-store activities without risks. In fact, our project managers deal with all management aspects of the activities carried out, from the careful selection and management of resources in the field to the logistics necessary for the delivery of communication materials.

Training is essential

The goal of our promoter service is to convey product related information and to motivate consumers by translating the technical characteristics into real advantages. This increases the effectiveness of the activities, as well as brand awareness, sell-out, and the loyalty of the public revolving around the point of sale. This is why we invest with particular care in training – not just technical – of the field staff, with specific contents that cover sales techniques and customer relations.

We liven up the points of sale

Today, a solid promotional stronghold is not enough. It is necessary to motivate customers to visit the stores, through dynamics that know the way to intercept and engage their out-of-store attention and result into into greater in-store traffic. Thanks to our “Brand Voice” division, in order to improve the results of our activities and reach a wider consumer target we launch field campaigns that support both physical and digital drive to store.

We do all this (and much more) for:

Pharmacy specialists

What our clients look for

If an effective need to inform, divulge and advise consumers on particular topics adds up to the product proposal at the point of sale, the in-pharmacy activity must be managed by a specialist. This is a high added value type of consultancy, which improves brand perception, strengthens the bond between consumers and pharmacists, and turns the pharmacy into a health-care reference-point for the community.

What we manage

Thanks to a network developed and established throughout the national territory, our Project Managers have access to competent professionals, who are able to fulfill the high specialization requirements necessary towards the relationship with the customers. Our direct, loyal and widespread network of nutritionists, dental hygienists, physiotherapists, self-medication specialists and midwives, is also the result of a close-knit collaboration with professional organizations and associations that have repeatedly sponsored the activities implemented. On demand, we also have the capacity to expand the range of specialists with whom to collaborate, through careful research and selection processes of the human resources. Capitalizing on our knowledge of the consumer decision-making mechanisms, the training focuses on issues related to the dialogue with customers

Effective brand development

In addition to the thorough management of the in-pharmacy presence (contact with the salespoints, recruitment, selection and operational and logistics aspects), we support the company in the brand declination through POP materials developed in compliance with the existing product and marketing campaigns. Field activities get more effective when all communication levers are coordinated, consistent and relevant to the target customers.

We do all this (and much more) for:

Trade marketing assistant

What our clients look for

It is right at the point of sale that the fragile encounter between brand, product and customer takes place. This appointment must be endorsed with a thorough care of the sales point, nurtured by the continuous and direct contact with the on-site personnel through accurate training, constant monitoring and the rapid solving of critical issues.
Our network of trade assistants has developed a strong expertise in many retail areas, enabling us to offer our customers a group of on-field professionals in total outsourcing, thus leaving company agents and other employees free to carry out other activities with a higher added value.

What we manage

Ottosunove’s Action unit deals with the complete management of the resources: from recruitment and training of trade marketing assistants, to keeping in regular contact with the field and the clients, all the way to the monitoring and daily analysis of the on-field activities to ensure a continuous flow of information and insights coming from the points of sale.
Thanks to a management software integrated with a visual analytics tool, business intelligence and predictive analysis, our project managers are able to offer a strategic and tactical consultancy on the choices to be made for the point of sale in real time.

How to be more effective

The trade assistant is the brand ambassador at the point of sale. For these types of professionals, it is not just a matter of technical preparation and continuing updates; for them it is necessary to be able to transfer and bring to life brand image and brand alues, so that they can be transferred in turn to the final consumer. And all this happens only when at the roots of the training, plenty attention is also paid to the deepest emotional aspects and
the authentic involvement of staff in the field: this is what turns them into convinced carriers of strategic messages for the company.

We do all this (and much more) for:

Merchandising for the pharmacy

What our clients look for

In a year we govern and supervise about 20,000 pharmacy missions thanks to over 800 merchandisers, taking also care of the logistics of all needed materials. Our network is widespread and composed by professionals with a deep knowledge of the channel, loyal to our collaboration proposals, and able to deal with shelf preparation, to emphasize the product visibility and to oversee category management projects in pharmacies.

What we manage

Our Project Managers personally coordinate the appointed resources and use advanced management technology to collect precious data from the field and to monitor the competitors, thus allowing early intervention and the sharing of information with the client in real time.

What about neuromarketing?

Neuroscientific studies show that we buy the first product on the shelf that we interact with, therefore it is essential for a product to be different, to stand out and to always be present on the shelf.
Nowadays, Neuromarketing has reached an advanced level of understanding of the reasons behind consumer choices. This is what allows us to train merchandisers even on the most effective shelf-arrangement for the products. Thanks to solid scientific partnerships we are also able to test the actual effectiveness of the display layouts, thus improving perception, the return in terms of sellout, brand awareness and user-friendliness.

We do all this (and much more) for

How OSN action works