Merchandising for the pharmacy

What our clients look for

In a year we govern and supervise about 20,000 pharmacy missions thanks to over 800 merchandisers, taking also care of the logistics of all needed materials. Our network is widespread and composed by professionals with a deep knowledge of the channel, loyal to our collaboration proposals, and able to deal with shelf preparation, to emphasize the product visibility and to oversee category management projects in pharmacies.

What we manage

Our Project Managers personally coordinate the appointed resources and use advanced management technology to collect precious data from the field and to monitor the competitors, thus allowing early intervention and the sharing of information with the client in real time.

What about neuromarketing?

Neuroscientific studies show that we buy the first product on the shelf that we interact with, therefore it is essential for a product to be different, to stand out and to always be present on the shelf. Nowadays, Neuromarketing has reached an advanced level of understanding of the reasons behind consumer choices. This is what allows us to train merchandisers even on the most effective shelf-arrangement for the products. Thanks to solid scientific partnerships we are also able to test the actual effectiveness of the display layouts, thus improving perception, the return in terms of sellout, brand awareness and user-friendliness.

We do all this (and much more) for: