we motivate the choice thanks to neuromarketing


To do so, we combine classic communication techniques to neuromarketing, which allows us to understand brain mechanisms that drive purchase choices.

Every choice is the result of a debate between non conscious perceptions and rational thoughts. The oldest part of our brain has been in charge of our survival for more than a million years. It activates without us being conscious about it, especially when we have to decide. When we choose, rationality comes second place in the matter, confirming or stopping our choice.

Neuromarketing allows us to understand all those mechanisms and to conceive useful insights to create solid and effective projects from their foundations. Considering the impact stimulis have, both on the non conscious and the rational side of our brain, we can build more convincing and strong strategies, projects and messages.

We collaborate with Universities and research centers like BrainSigns, a spin off of Università La Sapienza di Roma, which is our scientific partner, to run tests and mapping with precise and forefront tools to scientifically validate the effectiveness of our work.

Ottosunove is also the first Italian member of NMSBA, the Neuromarketing Science  & Business Association.

Ottosunove three business units, Brand Voice, Action and Lab, synergistically work to help brands create a solid connection with their consumers, helping them in all the stages of the buying journey. Every phase of our work is strengthened by a neuroscientific know how that boosts and improves the performing power of every communication action.