we motivate people’s choices through neuromarketing

The most primordial part of our brain has been safeguarding our survival for millions of years. It works ever so rapidly every time we have to make decisions, without us being aware of it. Only in a second stage does the brain’s rational part come into play to confirm or censor our choices.

Each and every one of our choices, also when it comes to purchasing, follows the same process: in a few milliseconds, our unconscious perceptions get confronted with our rational opinions and persuasions, whether in front of a shelf or just before the click of a mouse.

Herring, anyone?


Today, neurosciences are able to investigate brain processes: they study the way they function by mapping their very mechanisms with ever-increasing accuracy.

Neuromarketing uses the tools and knowledge provided by neurosciences to investigate on the consumer purchasing processes and the impact that marketing and communication stimuli have on the consumer’s subconscious. Integrated with traditional market researches, Neuromarketing allows us to construct more effective and precise communication projects / plans, which improve both brand loyalty and sell out.

Luca Florentino

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