Pharmacy specialists

What our clients look for

If an effective need to inform, divulge and advise consumers on particular topics adds up to the product proposal at the point of sale, the in-pharmacy activity must be managed by a specialist. This is a high added value type of consultancy, which improves brand perception, strengthens the bond between consumers and pharmacists, and turns the pharmacy into a
health-care reference-point for the community.

What we manage

Thanks to a network developed and established throughout the national territory, our Project Managers have access to competent professionals, who are able to fulfill the high specialization requirements necessary towards the relationship with the customers. Our direct, loyal and widespread network of nutritionists, dental hygienists, physiotherapists, self-medication specialists and midwives, is also the result of a close-knit collaboration with professional organizations and associations that have repeatedly sponsored the activities implemented. On demand, we also have the capacity to expand the range of specialists with whom to collaborate, through careful research and selection processes of the human resources. Capitalizing on our knowledge of the consumer decision-making mechanisms, the training focuses on issues related to the dialogue with customers.

Effective brand development

In addition to the thorough management of the in-pharmacy presence (contact with the salespoints, recruitment, selection and operational and logistics aspects), we support the company in the brand declination through POP materials developed in compliance with the existing product and marketing campaigns. Field activities get more effective when all communication levers are coordinated, consistent and relevant to the target customers.

We do all this (and much more) for: