Promoter for consumer electronics

What our clients look for

Specialist expertise in the consumer electronics branch is essential for the success of a promotional activity. The challenge is to clearly convey the technical characteristics of the products through arguments that also manage to involve, excite and reassure. This is why it is crucial to have built over time a network of dedicated resources, well trained and equipped
with a strong experience in the field.

How we operate

We build solid projects to enable our clients to run in-store activities without risks. In fact, our project managers deal with all management aspects of the activities carried out, from the careful selection and management of resources in the field to the logistics necessary for the
delivery of communication materials.

Training is essential

The goal of our promoter service is to convey product related information and to motivate consumers by translating the technical characteristics into real advantages. This increases the effectiveness of the activities, as well as brand awareness, sell-out, and the loyalty of the public revolving around the point of sale. This is why we invest with particular care in training
– not just technical – of the field staff, with specific contents that cover sales techniques and customer relations.

We liven up the points of sale

Today, a solid promotional stronghold is not enough. It is necessary to motivate customers to visit the stores, through dynamics that know the way to intercept and engage their out-of-store attention and result into into greater in-store traffic. Thanks to our “Brand Voice” division, in order to improve the results of our activities and reach a wider consumer target
we launch field campaigns that support both physical and digital drive to store.

We do all this (and much more) for: