In-pharmacy promoter

What our clients look for

Consultancy and promotion days in pharmacies take place in order to support the sales cycle, right at the time when the consumer actually makes choices. The fact of being actively present on the points of sale acts upon brand awareness and product sell-out. Relying on those who manage the entire promotion cycle allows the company to better focus on strategic objectives. What’s more, neuromarketing adds a scientific intelligence of the buying behaviours that translates into effective and brain-friendly sales scripts.

A single person in charge for each project

Ottosunove’s Project Managers attend directly to each stage of the process, and plan all activities with care and a continuous communication flow with the network of consultants operating in the territory. The ongoing exchange of information with the field allows us to be always updated on the projects’ progress, to promptly manage every aspect of their development and to gather quantitative and qualitative data in real time.

The human side of our work: direct, selected and loyal resources

The selection of resources takes place directly, without intermediaries, within a few kilometers radius from the activity site and based on the previous performances recorded in our databases. The training of our collaborators can take place in person or remotely, through an e-learning platform with training contents tailored to each project and assessment
tests at the end of each module. Logistics management is also part of our whole-round offer; we follow people and materials daily in a direct way with support phone calls, in order to create a solid relationship with each
collaborator, and offer our clients the quality of a workflow made of competencies, great care and immediacy.

Analysis and data

We have access to – and offer our clients – real-time visibility on the promotions progress. Our system enables constantly updated reporting and the building of forecast models, valuable for the identification of strategic insights.

We do all this (and much more) for: