Trade marketing assistant

What our clients look for

It is right at the point of sale that the fragile encounter between brand, product and customer takes place. This appointment must be endorsed with a thorough care of the sales point, nurtured by the continuous and direct contact with the on-site personnel through accurate training, constant monitoring and the rapid solving of critical issues. Our network of trade assistants has developed a strong expertise in many retail areas, enabling us to offer our customers a group of on-field professionals in total outsourcing, thus leaving company agents and other employees free to carry out other activities with a higher added value.

What we manage

Ottosunove’s Action unit deals with the complete management of the resources: from recruitment and training of trade marketing assistants, to keeping in regular contact with the field and the clients, all the way to the monitoring and daily analysis of the on-field activities to ensure a continuous flow of information and insights coming from the points of sale.
Thanks to a management software integrated with a visual analytics tool, business intelligence and predictive analysis, our project managers are able to offer a strategic and tactical consultancy on the choices to be made for the point of sale in real time.

How to be more effective

The trade assistant is the brand ambassador at the point of sale. For these types of professionals, it is not just a matter of technical preparation and continuing updates; for them it is necessary to be able to transfer and bring to life brand image and brand alues, so that they can be transferred in turn to the final consumer. And all this happens only when at the roots of the training, plenty attention is also paid to the deepest emotional aspects and
the authentic involvement of staff in the field: this is what turns them into convinced carriers of strategic messages for the company.

We do all this (and much more) for: