the challenge

To launch an “atypical product”: Xemium, a molecule. A real innovation with rather complex technical and functional characteristics. The basis for different fungicide formulations that will be released on the market to protect different crops. The client’s need is also to create expectation on three different products, which are going to be launched in separate moments in time, informing various targets on the efficacy of this molecule that they all contain.


the solution

Avoid a heavy cognitive load by coming out with both exhaustive and synthetic concepts and visual codes able to capture the attention and raise interest.
Design an integrated communication plan able to tell all the molecule functionalities inside the plant and retrace the journey it has undertaken to present itself on the market.

A strong and dynamic communication concept designed to tell the tale of the effectiveness of a multifunctional molecule that becomes stronger once inside plants by combining with water.

The iconographic representation of the chemical composition and the characteristics of Xemium succeeds in translating a complex subject into a simple and easily understandable language.

the “journey” of Xemium

Once the identity of Xemium is created, the communication of its “journey” begins: a tour throughout Italy to test hands-on the effectiveness of the products, and a virtual journey to engage and inform specialists, distributors and farmers through targeted communication tools and a customized story for each target.

digital & storytelling

A dedicated, dynamic and constantly updated website to match the various communication activities planned.
A type of story and a tool proposal specifically designed to address the target: a strategy that reflects the extremely flexible and adaptable nature of the “intelligent molecule”.

A digital tale in episodes with a light tone and illustration style, yet with an important goal: to explain how Xemium contributes in solving farmers’ daily challenges.

the contest

a prize competition for farmers with instant wins and final prize draw was developed and managed. This activity further enriched the complex communication strategy.

X-Time: the future of agriculture is here.

For the official launch of Xemium, an event is launched to mark the new era of agriculture: “X-Time”. The event’s concept and all developed communication contributions, complete the strategy studied for Xemium: during the months prior to the event, all participants are sent messages and information about the intelligent molecule that they will find later to be the spectacular protagonist of the X-time convention.