the challenge

To develop a communication plan able to raise consciousness in dog and cat-owners on the fears and anxieties of their pets, in order to promote Zylkene as the natural solution to help them regain their balance.


the solution

Create a concept and a key-visual in which pet owners can identify with a problem that they recognize as their own.
The approach is tender and playful, so as to convey the problem and the solution in a simple and immediate way.

The empathy that bonds owners to their cats/dogs is very strong.
To the human mind, children and pets are similar: looking at them activates the same brain areas functionally linked to emotion, reward, filial relationship and social interaction.

The campaign’s key-visual and body-copy strongly revolve around the animals and almost anthropomorphize them, in order to appeal to those who experience these situations “within the family” but are not aware of a possible remedy.

Not only a strong creative idea, but also a strategy for a tailor-made integrated communication project.

The project involved a sinergy of points of sale, veterinary studies and a structured system of in-store materials, with the aim not only to increase visibility but most of all to inform consumers about problems and solutions with great care.

vademecum on animal fears

A useful guide to understand and learn how to manage the fears of our four-legged friends, not only with the use of the product but also with practical tips and techniques to adopt in all those situations that make pets feel uncomfortable.